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This story is about siblings and friends,

beautiful ties that fate gifted us

to be at our side as we make our way through life.

Between brothers and good friends,

neither distance nor the passage of time can prevent us from staying eternally united. 

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Foto de la autora MH Aceituno

MH Aceituno

I was born in Caracas-Venezuela, an inspiring city full of contrasts.

I've always liked writing. I take note of my days, of what I observe, what happens to me, my travels, what I read, see, and feel. Although I practice Law as my day job, I devote a big part of my free time to writing short stories and chronicles.

When my children were born, I rediscovered children's books: I returned to reading the classics that I read as a child with my father and discovered new contemporary authors who now sit in my family library of more than 1,500 children's stories. From this experience, I created the account @elcuentodelanoche, where I formed a community of moms, dads, and grandparents interested in learning about new stories for their children.

That was how the idea of writing and editing my own stories was born.

Sobre mí
el cuento de la noche

I created the Instagram account @elcuentodelanoche during a time of my life when I was reading stories to my children every night as a way to connect with them. Through this platform, I formed a community of mothers, fathers, and grandparents interested in recommendations about the best stories, illustrators, editorials, and bookstores for children.

My favorite activity was choosing, reading, and talking about the stories with my children, listening to their witty questions, and then posting about them on my Instagram account.

Nowadays, this account not only serves as a repertoire of summaries of the stories I read with my children but also as a space where I share the stories that I felt inspired to write during that stage of my life.


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