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My Grandparents' Magic Suitcase

It pays tribute to all the immigrant Venezuelan families living in different latitudes.

Above all, it honors those grandparents who have had to see their children and grandchildren flee:

a generation of "orphaned" grandparents who travel the world with magic suitcases full of teachings, anecdotes and stories

that remind us of the value of family and the importance of our roots.

"Martha Aceituno, a Venezuelan author residing in Panama, has pleasantly surprised us with the book

'My Grandparents' Magic Suitcase'. Edited in 'Editorial Arte's' workshops,

it includes spectacular illustrations by Carolina Pratto. 


The writing and illustrations of 'My Grandparents' Magic Suitcase' have received excellent reception by readers,

and its editorial quality makes it worthy of being part of the next edition

of the Bologna Children's Book Fair."

Katyna Henriquez | El Buscón

It is a memorable text.

A semblance of

the traveling grandparents of today,

in which a lot of readers might

recognize themselves. A contextualization

of the experience of the diaspora,

that transforms its meaning

into that of an affective meeting space,

where family stories and other stories

are embedded with creativity and fiction,

to highlight those moments of closeness.

Maria Beatriz Medina

Executive Director of Banco del Libro

Postulado para mejor libro por El Banco del Libro. nominated for best book by El Banco del Libro. Children book illustration. Carolina Pratto.
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